In The Works Pop-Up Shop

Every year at Columbia College Chicago, a class of senior-level students are taught how to run a pop-up shop during their Manifest Urban Arts Festival. The Manifest Urban Arts Festival is a celebration at the end of the spring semester and showcases student work all throughout the school's campus. This year my class collectively decided to name the pop-up shop "In The Works". The name was chosen because it reflected the student work that would be sold in our pop-up shop and the rustic theme for the visual display. Afterwards, we were split into groups and given functions to help create the shop's structure.  I was apart of the Marketing team and my responsibility was to help create content to post on our shop's Instagram and Facebook page that helped promote the pop-up to Columbia College's community. I photographed the artists and their work being sold in our pop-up shop. Also, I helped collect information for their artist profiles and helped with guerrilla marketing around the campus.

Highlights from Instagram